Organizer: UM Confucius Institute

1. Introduction
In order to cultivate students’ interest in learning and writing Chinese characters, the Confucius Institute of University of Macau has launched an online Chinese character course in this semester. To further enhance the enthusiasm of students to learn and write Chinese characters comprehensively and systematically, and to encourage students to persist in learning Chinese characters after the course ends, the Institute will organize the first Chinese characters contest of the Confucius Institute of University of Macau.

2. Date & Time:
13/01/2021 18:20-20:00 Beginners Group A
13/01/2021 20:00-21:30 Beginners Group B
14/01/2021 20:00-21:30 Intermediate Group

3. Eligibility Criteria: All students are required to participate and attendance will be counted. You will be automatically enrolled to the Contest, as assigned by your instructor, and registration is not needed.

4. Contest Categories:
– Beginners Group: (Elementary Mandarin I/II and Intermediate Mandarin I/II students); There will be two sub-groups (Group A and B) for the Beginners Group due to the large group size.
– Intermediate Group: (Advanced Mandarin and Elementary Mandarin II, Intermediate Mandarin I/II students with a better understanding of Chinese characters)
– Your instructor will assign you to one of the categories and you may download the grouping list from here.

5. The Contest will be divided into two parts – Preliminary Contest and Final Contest as illustrated below:

– Simplified Chinese characters will be tested during the Contest and only those words covered in each class will be tested (except for the Intermediate Group), and you can download the Chinese Characters list from here.
– The two contest categories will be tested in terms of recognition, meaning, shape and stroke order of Chinese characters. In addition, the Intermediate Group will also be tested on the ability to write a short paragraph in Chinese.

6. Awards and Prizes:

For the rest of the details of the Contest, please read the Contest guidelines and regulations that can be downloaded from here.

Audience:Current students of the Confucius Institute
Enquiry:Confucius Institute
Tel: (+853)8822 4500