Speaker: Professor WONG Yee
Centre of Languages, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
Organizer: Centre of Languages, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau&UM Confucius Institute

This workshop will be divided into two parts: 1) criteria of setting up a Chinese curriculum, and 2) the three elements of teaching: the teacher, the teaching materials and pedagogy. It is strongly believed that every teacher should be a curriculum designer who is responsible for setting up the curriculum of the academic year. Seven rules of “balance” when designing the curriculum are introduced at the workshop. As a Chinese teacher, he/she faces a lot of challenges coming from the teaching in the classroom. It is believed that the Chinese teacher should have certain qualities, such as being a model for the students, passionate about teaching, knowledgeable about the Chinese language, and etc. With regards to the teaching materials, some guidelines are laid out and it is believed that the teacher should be more flexible and skillful in using the teaching materials at hand. The presenter proposes a simple criterion for a successful teaching: positive attitude from the students, and steady progress. Thus, it makes sense that it is the teacher’s responsibility to choose the right pedagogy at the right time for the right group.

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Primary School Session: https://portal.dsej.gov.mo/progspace/gensystem/actreg/actreg/ActReg_view_page.jsp?search_id=24693
Secondary School Session: https://portal.dsej.gov.mo/progspace/gensystem/actreg/actreg/ActReg_view_page.jsp?search_id=24694

Audience:Primary and secondary teaching staff who teach Chinese as a Second Language
Enquiry:Centre of Languages, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
8490 5270(Ms. Huang), 8395 9173(Ms. Zhou)