Confucius Institute of University of Macau Chinese Characters Online Course was officially launched in September 2020, including two parts: basic knowledge of Chinese characters and teaching of commonly used Chinese characters. Among them, the basic knowledge of Chinese characters covers the introduction of Chinese character creation, common radicals and strokes of Chinese characters.

The Chinese character selection standard of the course refers to the content and progress of the Elementary I Chinese course of CIUM. Common Chinese characters which are frequently used in teaching are selected. Each class contains 7 to 8 characters and lasts 15 to 20 minutes.

During two years of refinement, CIUM teaching team extensively studied the situation of students and feedback from teachers, and launched a new version in September 2022. The new version adds complete Portuguese subtitles on the basis of the original, further helping Portuguese-speaking users learn Chinese characters. The new illustrations help students better understand the structure, meaning and usage of Chinese characters, and further enhance the interaction and experience of online course teaching.

This course breaks the limitations of time and space, and meets the needs of students to flexibly choose learning content, arrange learning time, and self-adjust their learning progress. Once launched, the course has been widely praised by teachers and students.

Online Course Resources

Lesson 1 – Introduction of Chinese characters & radicals

Lesson 2 – Introduction of Strokes & Stroke Order

Lesson 3 – Chinese Characters : 你, 好, 什, 么, 请, 问

Lesson 4 – Chinese Characters : 我, 们, 有, 没, 吗, 几, 个

Lesson 5 – Chinese Characters : 的, 和, 是, 不, 也, 这, 那

Lesson 6 – Chinese Characters : 还, 都, 大, 中, 小, 学, 生

Lesson 7 – Chinese Characters : 英, 文, 国, 天, 昨, 今, 明

Lesson 8 – Chinese Characters : 年, 现, 在, 点, 见, 吃, 饭

Lesson 9 – Chinese Characters : 上, 下, 时, 间, 怎, 样, 太, 了

Lesson 10 – Chinese Characters : 很, 忙, 去, 看, 听, 早, 晚

Lesson 11 – Chinese Characters: 王, 呢, 想, 只, 喝, 水, 杯, 给

Lesson 12 – Chinese Characters: 朋, 友, 认, 识, 高, 兴, 做, 哪

Lesson 13 – Chinese Characters: 课, 觉, 得, 意, 思, 要, 就, 吧

Lesson 14 – Chinese Characters: 他, 家, 打, 电, 话, 因, 为, 起

Lesson 15 – Chinese Characters: 候, 开, 会, 午, 才, 题, 常, 谁

Lesson 16 – Chinese Characters: 说, 难, 写, 汉, 字, 用, 可, 影

Lesson 17 – Chinese Characters: 老, 气, 冷, 热, 雨, 比, 多, 更

Lesson 18 – Chinese Characters: 又, 但, 而, 且, 网, 非, 台, 风

Lesson 19 – Chinese Characters: 前, 后, 馆, 菜, 贵, 客, 位, 行

Lesson 20 – Chinese Characters: 来, 冰, 少, 放, 盘, 碗, 米, 别, 快